Krymax s.c.
Czesława i Marian Mazanek

Zakład Produkcyjny:
ul. Miliardowicka 17a,
43-516 Zabrzeg

tel: 032/ 2157620, 032/2142077
tel. kom.: 0 602 254 686

About us

Our Company KRYMAX is activ on the market since year 1991. From approximately 20 years we’he been producing the different goods of metals and firts of all we are specialized in the products of  wires.

Among  others we are manufacturing garment hangers of a galvanized wire, used mainly in dry cleaning shops, hooks for wooden and plastic garment hangers, double-nutted bolts, pins, clamping elements (U-shape), bars cut at dimensions according to orders as well as all  bended elements of wire including also parts with threads. All these goods are produced  at individual orders.

Every our Customers are treated individually and we’re doing our best  for the purpose to meet their requirements.

Products catalogue
Products catalogue

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